Refer Symlex VPN to Your Friends — Earn Up To $6 Per Referral.

You are already using Symlex VPN to protect yourself online. But what about your friends? Everyone needs online privacy and security!

How to Refer Your Friends to Symlex VPN and Earn Up To $6 Per Referral

You both can get cash rewards to your accounts when your friend buys a premium subscription!!
It’s a win-win situation both for you and your friends.

Let’s see how does our referral program work?
Firstly, you need to have a Symlex VPN account, then go to ‘My Wallet’
There, you will get your referral code, copy that referral code to send to your friends, or share the code through your preferred social media accounts.
When your friends sign up to Symlex VPN, redeem your code and purchase a premium subscription, you and your friends get rewards in your respective accounts.

Earning through Symlex VPN is as simple as that!

Download Symlex VPN Now:

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Symlex VPN is an Application for #Android #Windows #iOS & Other Platforms. We Provide Secure #VPN. Protect your Privacy via Symlex VPN.