Free VPN vs Paid VPN — Price Is Not The MAIN Difference!

Free VPN vs Paid VPN
Free VPN vs Paid VPN

Are you thinking of settling with a random free VPN? What about picking up a freemium or a paid version? It’s clear that the main difference between a free VPN vs paid VPN is the pricing but is that it? Of course not!

We are here to give you a comparison to understand the difference between free and paid VPNs. Along with serving your purpose, a free VPN has several limitations, including
* Limited features
* Pushing you to upgrade to a paid version
* Limited performance
* May sell your personal or browsing data
* Weak and easily crackable security
* Browsing will be constantly interrupted by ads

Whereas paid VPN offers lots of extra benefits such as-
* Offer genuine protection for your private data online
* Do not impose bandwidth or speed limits
* Multiple simultaneous connections
* 24/7 customer support
* Dedicated IP address
* Top-notch encryption
* Access to more server locations
* Unblock streaming sites and many more

So, what are you thinking now? Going with a premium VPN service, right?



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